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What is the Business Link?

The Woodland Business Link provides a network for a diversified group of business people to enhance their marketing efforts and achieve higher sales through the growth and maintenance of professional relationships.

We seek to provide a forum of local business professionals to promote each other in a non-threatening environment free from cumbersome restrictions and unnecessary fees commonly found in other marketing groups.  The Woodland Business Link is a proactive group that works together to promote and expand their marketing efforts on a voluntary basis as well as make a difference in the community through public service contributions.

How does the Business Link work?

Each business category is represented by one member and conflicts of interest are not allowed.  Each member is carefully selected and must maintain high business standards.  Our members must be dynamic, public spirited people who are willing to commit time and effort through networking to help their fellow members succeed. In addition, we have developed a web page to promote our members.

What happens at meetings?

The Woodland Business Link  meetings are structured and conducted professionally.  All meetings start on time. The more the members learn about each other the easier it is to pass referrals to one another. The meetings are designed so that all members learn about each other's business.  Members give a commercial about their business at each meeting. Guests are given two opportunities to introduce themselves to the group before being considered for membership. Members exchange valuable business referrals, and they have the opportunity to identify their business and product/service at every meeting. Your Business Link associates become your sales force out in the field...selling for you and promoting your business.

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